Riley Testut has going to launch new IOS emulator “Delta,” Coming December 2016 beta version of Delta emulator for IOS will launch. The official site of Delta emulator is – Status message by Riley Testut is Good Bye GBA4iOs.


Delta 2017 have Super Nintendo Entertainment System with Nintendo 64.  Thanks to Macrumors, to open detail about Delta emulator for IOS. Delta emulator supported for Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color.

Good Bye GBA4iOs

After GBA4iOS, user addicted to play original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game boy Advance on their iPhone and iPad. What to do after Good Bye GBA4iOs.

Emulator for iPhone

Don’t worry! I Thinks Delta emulator will help you to play original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game boy Advance without jailbreaking on your iOs device. Developer mention of GBA4iOS and Delta teaser in single twit indicated that the new emulator will be for iOS devices. Thats why, We called as Delta Emulator for IOS Device.

I think, like GBA4iOs emulator for IOS Delta will support in built web browser to enjoy Game boy on iPhone.


Official website, doesn’t confirm how the emulator work or how to download Delta emulator for iOs device. But, like ios emulator for windows and ios emulator for android best ios emulator will coming for you. Testut’s already gives us top most software emulators so, we hope we will get best emulator in next year.


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